Sharp Instrument

He wields it like a broadsword, and with a pompous pride. He assumes he has a moral right to have it by his side. He worships all it stands for, a simple devotee, and if it hurts and causes pain – it’s not his fault you see. It never ever alters, in battle it won’t […]


Lying awake in the middle of the night, he could definitely hear something creaking. He wanted somebody to put on the light, but the rest of his family were sleeping. “I don’t want to hear it, it’s frightening me, I want to get under my covers. But then I won’t see, when it comes after […]

The Beast

It lives inside, surviving at my expense. Parasitic, it takes nourishment from my hope and will. Freedom cowers under its viscous fog. When it slumbers it is weak but rests somewhere safe. Secreting a sedative it renders me helpless. I feel no pain from its invasion but pain comes from its presence. I witness their […]

Contented fool

A little boy named Willy was destined to be silly It was his fate he couldn’t wait he told his mum he would be great he wouldn’t care what people say he would be silly every day Was 8-years old when first he told his mother that when he was old he’d be the best […]


I’m host to a siege carried out in my mind, I feel like the hostage and captor combined. I’ve been taken over by fragments empowered, and I want to break free but I act like a coward. Feelings inside me have fed on my fears, suddenly living when dormant for years. I’m rejecting my island […]