Starchild Skull

Make up your own mind.

Sleepwalking dog – (or rather dog having a nightmare)

This video is extremely funny but it’s a guilty pleasure because as an animal lover I realise the dog is unfortunately having a nightmare and something’s clearly gone wrong with the mechanism that is supposed to stop us all from acting out our nightmares by paralysing us during dreaming. It certainly proves animals (at least dogs) do have dreams and nightmares like we do and that presumably a common nightmare is one where we are being chased by something very nasty and dangerous.

Dead mouse in loaf of bread

Don’t look at this picture if you are squeamish. I must admit it’s not a pleasant sight – and I think mice are quite cute (when alive and not decomposing). This must have been a nasty shock. The mouse was, “embedded in the base of the bread” so imagine if he hadn’t looked at the bottom and just started to use the loaf? He might have had half the tail before noticing..
Man found dead mouse in malt loaf

Piano playing cat (Nora)

I just found one of those, “and finally” news items (pioneered by ITN) on the BBC News website about a piano playing Cat named Nora who has found fame on the Internet. A Lithuanian conductor contacted her owners after seeing the video which led to him creating a four-minute piece for the Klaipeda chamber orchestra, which was performed with a video of Nora the piano playing cat in the background.

Has Wallace got a new voice in Wallace and Gromit?

I just watched a video showing a short animation of Wallace & Gromit but I think the voice sounds different. It sounds more like someone mimicking him (reasonably well) but that’s not Peter Sallis – is it?