Snowdune Music

I’ve now started a dedicated web site for my music which features my solo music and music written and performed by myself and my my mate Bri & cousin Mick. Please take a look – Snowdune

You Must Come (MP3) by Man on My Bicycle

This is another Man on my Bicycle track called You Must Come. I think it’s commercial, pretty much a pop song with an unusual mix of a bluesy-pop with some nice occasional reggae-style bits. I love the words to this song, which are just one message repeated throughout as if the more they are said […]

Genghis Khan track (MP3) by Man on my Bicycle

This is another Man on my Bicycle track called Genghis Khan as requested by David. There’s a lot of dampened percussive stuff on the bass which I’m not sure comes through properly in the recording. It’s one of the songs I used to struggle to play well as I was slapping away relentlessly. Loved playing […]

Video montage of Me and Bri on stage

Just a few samples of some of my bass solos, and me and Bri gigging our prog rock instrumental stuff. Just a snap shot on amateur video – [flv: 480 368] If the player doesn’t appear above try this link – Andy & (Quicktime) Looking for other musicians – South Yorkshire Bands (One of […]

Balance Check

This is one of my solo projects. It’s a short (less than 2 mins) weird dancy trancy type song. I wrote it using Reason V3 soft synth software and my PC – Balance Check.mp3 Copyright Andy(ArT)Trigg 2008