You Must Come (MP3) by Man on My Bicycle

This is another Man on my Bicycle track called You Must Come. I think it’s commercial, pretty much a pop song with an unusual mix of a bluesy-pop with some nice occasional reggae-style bits. I love the words to this song, which are just one message repeated throughout as if the more they are said the more chance they’ll have of working.

Genghis Khan track (MP3) by Man on my Bicycle

This is another Man on my Bicycle track called Genghis Khan as requested by David. There’s a lot of dampened percussive stuff on the bass which I’m not sure comes through properly in the recording. It’s one of the songs I used to struggle to play well as I was slapping away relentlessly. Loved playing this song.

Fat Girl: Man on my Bicycle

This is a song from a live recording session at our practice room some years back. A bit more rocky than earlier Man on my Bicycle. It’s a song of two halves in that it gets surprisingly heavy in the second half after starting off light – Fat Girl.mp3

Track 2 of the Man on my Bicycle album

Here’s track two which features some funky slap bass as well as samples from the news at the time:

Although given away free, all music is copyrighted to Man on my Bicycle 1992 2008 Licensed for personal use only.

Free Album: Man on My Bicycle (Track 1)

Man on My Bicycle (Track 1)

This is from an album we recorded a long time ago, which few people have ever heard. We were never signed, never really pursued that. We went into a recording studio and recorded this for ourselves. I think it’s about time someone else heard it. I would love to re-record this entire album with modern equipment.