Go to sleep!

Look; you can’t wake up in the morning if you haven’t been to sleep. This is your final warning – I won’t hear another peep. If I have to come upstairs (apart from nipping to the loo) I’ll be bringing smacks in pairs -that’s right – one for each of you.

A friendly warning

It was a minor misdemeanour Miss Davina used to make and as the only one who’s seen her I’ll expose her as a fake. She puts on hat and trousers and a ginger false moustache. Then she goes round local houses in a daily search for cash.


Lying awake in the middle of the night, he could definitely hear something creaking.
He wanted somebody to put on the light, but the rest of his family were sleeping.

“I don’t want to hear it, it’s frightening me, I want to get under my covers.
But then I won’t see, when it comes after me – which it will – when it’s eaten the others”

Contented fool

A little boy
named Willy
was destined
to be silly
It was his fate
he couldn’t wait
he told his mum
he would be great
he wouldn’t care
what people say
he would be silly
every day