Man on My Bicycle (Track 1)

This is from an album we recorded a long time ago, which few people have ever heard. We were never signed, never really pursued that. We went into a recording studio and recorded this for ourselves. I think it’s about time someone else heard it. I would love to re-record this entire album with modern equipment.

Here’s track one: Colours.mp3 which was voted best demo of the month when we sent it to a local music magazine and was voted best demo by a panel of judges on a local radio station.

Although given away free, all music is copyrighted to Man on my Bicycle 1992 2008 Licensed for personal use only.

Album Artwork

More tracks –

Track 2 (Kickstart)

Free Album: Man on My Bicycle (Track 3)

(rest of tracks coming soon)

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  1. Can you post Ghengis???? and other tracks

    Do you still keep in touch with Brian Littlehales???


  2. I certainly will David, Thanks for the interest. I see Brian all the time and we’ve done lots of music together some of which I’ve posted on here. I don’t recognise your name though (sorry) where do you know our stuff from?

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