Not Another Love Song by Tension

I’m very proud of the first band I was in. It was the 1980s and we were called Tension. The band later changed its name to The Popups which I wasn’t keen on. Although we all had our input and helped develop the songs they were all written by Paddy Wilkinson who I rate as a great pop song writer and undiscovered talent.

We had a time when we were very popular with the local Sheffield Radio stations but failed to capitalise on it. Radio Hallam and Radio Sheffield both had us into their studios to record sessions which were played on the radio. Radio Hallam even paid us. We also recorded an embarrassing radio interview for Radio Sheffield.

Radio Hallam in particular seemed to really like us and they played our songs for many months. Beverly Chubb was in charge of music at Radio Hallam and she really liked us as did DJ Dave Kilner who even came to see us live. Another Radio Hallam DJ called Brian Westlake was seriously into us and played our songs a lot saying very complimentary things indeed.

Unfortunately we have no good quality recordings of Tension but there are some half-decent ones. However, I feel the quality of the songs themselves still hold up today and believe if they were re-recorded or even played live by a band today, people would really like them.

Here’s a recording of one of our catchiest songs although they were all very catchy pop songs –

Not Another Love Song by Tension.mp3 Copyright 1983 2008

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