The Music Effect

Music reaches deep inside invoking feelings that I need, and fills my head with pleasure on which my soul can feed. It takes me to another place, immerses me in pools of sound, and leaves me free to float or fly – no longer feel earthbound. With skilful hands it clasps my mood and throws […]

Do it?

Don’t spend the rest of your life waist deep in cold water. It’s no excuse to say that if you swim over to another shore then you’ll be wetter than you were before. For after reaching dry land, you’ll very often find, that you will soon be wet no more © Andy(ArT)Trigg 2001

Go to sleep!

Look; you can’t wake up in the morning if you haven’t been to sleep. This is your final warning – I won’t hear another peep. If I have to come upstairs (apart from nipping to the loo) I’ll be bringing smacks in pairs -that’s right – one for each of you. I’ve told you many […]

A friendly warning

It was a minor misdemeanour Miss Davina used to make and as the only one who’s seen her I’ll expose her as a fake. She puts on hat and trousers and a ginger false moustache. Then she goes round local houses in a daily search for cash. And all the children think of him as […]

Glassless Window

A friend had yielded to neglect, was soon to be no more. I set my task to reconnect, nostalgia junkie needs a score. Walking down the derelict street with the road I played on beneath my feet. Houses shrunken, path too narrow, happy days I’ve come to borrow. The trees I climbed no longer tower, […]