Has Wallace got a new voice in Wallace and Gromit?

I just watched a video showing a short animation of Wallace & Gromit but I think the voice sounds different. It sounds more like someone mimicking him (reasonably well) but that’s not Peter Sallis – is it?

I spent 10 minutes trying to find any reference to Wallace having a new voice and couldn’t find anything on Google. I would have thought that would have been news. Maybe they are hoping no one will notice?

My wife thinks it is Peter Sallis but to me it lacks his warmth and tone, and sounds like a younger man. The inimitable inflections are also occasionally not right. I could be wrong but there’s just something not right about it – what do you think? Wallace and Gromit call on inventors

Compare it to this – Wallace and Gromit-Cracking Contraptions


  1. I think you are right about Wallace’s voice. It sounds more like Johnny Ball to me than Peter Sallis!

  2. It’s 2013 and that’s not Peter Sallis. I could tell the difference as soon as I heard the first word. Watched way too much Last of the Summer Wine I guess!

  3. Aidan sallis says:

    That is 100% not Peter Sallis I can say with confidence

  4. Thanks Aidan. It’s very weird them putting something out like that with a “fake” voice.

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