Which side of your brain is dominant test – and what does it mean?

Is the left side of your brain dominant or is it your right? And what does that say about you?

This is a fascinating and clever test, which is basically an optical illusion. I won’t tell you my results yet. Take the test then come back and read the first comment on this article where I describe my experience and hopefully you will add yours too.

Right brain v left brain test

The video seems to have disappeared on the above link. It might have come back – if not you can find it searching Google for Right brain v left brain test



  1. Here’s how it worked for me –

    She is spinning clockwise, without doubt. I decided to try and make her spin anticlockwise but became convinced it was impossible. Then I read the external link where people had discussed the test and a few people said they could change its direction at will.

    I tried again but almost gave up after a minute or so. I decided to believe I could do it and concentrated on her extended arm swinging round. Each time her arm swung through the 3 O’clock position I just willed it to be going away from me instead of towards me. All of a sudden she did two complete anticlockwise revolutions. It was well weird.

    With a little concentration I can make her spin either way but I have to concentrate to turn her anticlockwise and often she changes back after several anticlockwise spins even though I don’t blink.

    So it appears I have a very dominant right side but can use the left side fairly well too.

    I also learned that if I look at the text to the left of her instead of directly at her and just be aware of her in my peripheral vision then she immediately changes direction too, but the second I look at her she resumes clockwise rotation.

    All in all it’s a very amusing and interesting test. Some people see her spinning anti-clockwise and others clockwise. Some have said they can only get her to spin one way despite trying for ages but lots of people can get her to go the opposite way by using various techniques.

    Whether it says anything about our brains or not is unclear, but it’s definitely fun. Whichever way she’s spinning it’s hard to imagine her spinning the other way because it looks so convincing.

  2. i especially enjoyed her pert spinning breasts which went right, left and jiggled a bit. Smashin

  3. As soon as I saw the spinning nude figure I thought, typical Andy has chosen a nude female out of all the other optical illusions there must be out there:o)

    I saw her spinning clockwise immediately but then read Andy’s comment that most people see her spinning anti-clockwise. I looked again and didn’t even try to make her spin anti-clockwise, she just was; and then I found it very difficult to see her spinning clockwise and thought I must have been mistaken.

    After reading the external link messages someone suggested looking at her feet so after doing this she was back to clockwise again and it constantly changes each time I raise my eyes from her feet to her upper body.

  4. SheilaC says:

    This is driving me nuts. When I first looked she was definitely going anti-clockwise, plain and simple. Then after reading the stuff about being able to change it I tried and she started going clockwise. Now I want to change back and she won’t stop going clockwise whatever I do!

  5. Thanks for your comment Sheila. I just had anther look after not seeing it for months and even after several minutes I couldn’t get her to turn anti-clockwise. If I hadn’t managed it before I’d have been convinced it was impossible as no matter how much I stared she emphatically spun clockwise.

    One thing I have noticed is that in Internet Explorer 8 she spins way too slow, and at least half of the speed. This makes it very difficult for me and I can’t imagine her spinning the other way at such a slow speed. Viewing it in the Firefox browser she spins so much faster it’s easier to focus on her swinging leg and just imagine each time it gets to around the 8 O’clock position that it’s swinging the other way. After imagining that for several revolutions I find if I look away at the text to the left she will usually spin the other way.

  6. William says:

    I am ambidextrous, and therefore use both sides of my brain equally. I could in fact change her direction at will, I always have been able to with these type of things, but it still requires focus. But then, while staring at this one, I came up with a wild idea that seemed crazy at first, but worked like a charm! What I did was switch the hands that I was using the mouse with and spin it in circles. Every time I would do this, I suppose it stimulates the other side of my brain, because the girl would change directions.
    On another note, I would love to hear from the masses with a dominant side of the brain to see if my technique has worked for them as well.

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