You Must Come (MP3) by Man on My Bicycle

This is another Man on my Bicycle track called You Must Come. I think it’s commercial, pretty much a pop song with an unusual mix of a bluesy-pop with some nice occasional reggae-style bits. I love the words to this song, which are just one message repeated throughout as if the more they are said the more chance they’ll have of working.

It’s about a trying to win back the affections of a girl by proclaiming he never really got to be his real self – but if she only could see that true person …

Lyrics: by Michael Briers (my cousin)

I get to be myself, sometimes,
but it’s never for long
you should see me,
honestly, you should see me.

And before the sun goes down tonight,
you will see me in a different light,
come on and see me
come on
come on and see me.

And if the light strikes my face just in the right place,
you will succumb
so I will lean by the window
with myself yes you must come.

You Must Come.mp3

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