Problems I fixed

Cuteftp – Must be an administrator or have the appropriate permissions error

I’ve been using Cuteftp (v8.3) to manage my files between hard drive and server. Everything was working ok. Then all of a sudden I tried to view a picture file on my server and CuteFTP gave me the following error –

You must be an administrator or have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation

The built in CuteFTP help system didn’t help at all. I tried searching for the phrase “must be an administrator or have the appropriate permissions” but nothing came up. So I searched Google and found several results on the first page. I found several different potential causes for this error, but none of them helped.


I eventually tracked the reason for this error. It was caused by my virus checker Bitdefender Internet Security 2017. I had recently activated one of its features – Ransomware Protection and Bitdefender had quietly decided that CuteFTP was trying to alter my protected files. So it blocked it from changing anything.

I can only assume that CuteFTP gave this operation error because it was unable to write to my hard drive – and didn’t know why. I fixed the issue by adding CuteFTP as a safe program. This is likely to be an unusual cause of the error, so if not applicable you should continue researching all the other causes.

Short Stories

Two Short Stories

I’ve written two short stories. I wrote them both a good while back but I’ve hardly shown them anyone, until now –

The Test – by Andy Trigg (written with women’s magazine in mind, short story about a woman testing her man’s fidelity)

The Watch Thing – by Andy Trigg (Short children’s story about a young boy who finds a mysterious watch-like device that seems to do something very strange.)


My Music

Snowdune Music

I’ve now started a dedicated web site for my music which features my solo music and music written and performed by myself and my my mate Bri & cousin Mick. Please take a look – Snowdune

Thought Provoking / Inspiring

The Music Effect

Music reaches deep inside, invoking feelings that I need. It fills my head with pleasure, on which my soul can feed. It takes me to another place, immerses me in pools of sound. It leaves me free to float or fly – no longer feel earthbound.

With skilful hands it clasps my mood and throws it up real high. Then like a captive bird set free I spread my wings and fly. The open skies I find before me have no clouds – no threat of rain. Even gloomy songs uplift me, elated in this new domain.

Drug me with euphoric feelings, take me on a carefree ride. Nothing else can so uplift me, nothing else can tap inside. Drench me in its sonic shower, pull me through its magic door. Show me all the disparate pieces, help me in my quest for more.

© Andy(ArT)Trigg 2001 – 2019

My Previous Bands

You Must Come (MP3) by Man on My Bicycle

This is another Man on my Bicycle track called You Must Come. I think it’s commercial, pretty much a pop song with an unusual mix of a bluesy-pop with some nice occasional reggae-style bits. I love the words to this song, which are just one message repeated throughout as if the more they are said the more chance they’ll have of working.

Lyrics: by Michael Briers

I get to be myself, sometimes,
but it’s never for long
you should see me,
honestly, you should see me.

And before the sun goes down tonight,
you will see me in a different light,
come on and see me
come on
come on and see me.

And if the light strikes my face just in the right place,
you will succumb
so I will lean by the window
with myself yes you must come.

You Must Come.mp3