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The Music Effect

Music reaches deep inside, invoking feelings that I need. It fills my head with pleasure, on which my soul can feed. It takes me to another place, immerses me in pools of sound. It leaves me free to float or fly – no longer feel earthbound.

With skilful hands it clasps my mood and throws it up real high. Then like a captive bird set free I spread my wings and fly. The open skies I find before me have no clouds – no threat of rain. Even gloomy songs uplift me, elated in this new domain.

Drug me with euphoric feelings, take me on a carefree ride. Nothing else can so uplift me, nothing else can tap inside. Drench me in its sonic shower, pull me through its magic door. Show me all the disparate pieces, help me in my quest for more.

© Andy(ArT)Trigg 2001 – 2019

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